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You're engaged, congratulations! This is the most exciting time of your engagement: that blissful feeling of having found your special someone and excited to plan your dream wedding. Everyone is happy for you and they quickly begin to ask questions like do you have a date set or where will the wedding take place?

Planning quickly becomes overwhelming and that blissful feeling slowly turns to anxiety. This is where a wedding planner steps in! Whether you are the creative DIY style bride who thinks they have it all figured out or you have no idea where to start, a wedding planner can help in both instances.

You might then wonder if it is worth the investment to hire a wedding planner?

Below are a few reasons why brides are choosing to hire wedding planners to help make their dream wedding a reality:

1. Planners can help you plan the whole day (not just one aspect)

You don't have to worry about forgetting to plan or pay for something! Your planner will provide an extensive timeline of when to book vendors, send out invitations, pay deposits, etc.

2. Planners can keep wedding planning stress-free

Wedding planning should be enjoyable, not stressful! An average wedding has around 20 different vendors; that can be a lot to take on with the mix of work, family and just every-day life! Your planner will be your "go-to" person for everything wedding.

3. Planners can help keep planning within budget and review contracts

A wedding planner can help you select vendors that while are budget friendly, are still able to provide great service.

4. Planners can make your vision a reality

A planner can look at your Pinterest board of ideas and with some additional creativity, pull it all together for the most memorable day of your life.

5. Planners handle crisis

Whether we like to admit it or not, most big events usually have at least one minor hiccup to a major disaster. No bride or groom wants to deal with a cake melting in the sun or a button popping off a suit jacket. A planner knows how to handle unforeseen circumstances without you ever even realizing there was a problem!

Still not convinced you need a planner? Feel free to contact me for more insight of why hiring a wedding planner could be one of most important investments and decisions of your entire wedding planning process.

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