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Choosing the perfect wedding venue is the center of the entire day! The venue essentially sets the entire tone. The pressure of finding the perfect venue can be overwhelming and some what frightening. The process can seem almost as daunting as filling out a job application. But fear no more! Below are a few simple but smart steps to take in choosing the space to host your dream wedding.

1. Start with deciding on a budget

The venue space can be one of the larger expenses when creating your budget. It is also important to keep in mind that some venues do not include tables and chairs, which would add extra rental expenses. But while this is an important expense, realize that it is not the only expense. You do not want to end up spending the majority of your budget on the venue, but have no money left over for food or flowers.

2. Keep a running spreadsheet of venues while you research

Start a spreadsheet with columns of venue aspects that are important for your event. For example, capacity for seated and standing guests, does the venue allow outside catering and alcohol, and if the ceremony can be held on site.

3. Visit at least 3 venues

This is important. Once you have finalized your initial research, narrow down to at least three venues that fit in your budget and offer more of what you are looking for. Schedule an appointment with the venue coordinator to see the venue in person, even better if you are able to visit during a wedding! It might be easy to fall in love with the first venue you visit, but it is also important to have a back up venue that you equally love in case the first venue becomes unavailable.

For more details on what key aspects of a wedding venue you should consider, please reach out to me to inquire about my wedding planning services and how I can help make sure you choose the perfect venue for your dream wedding!


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