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Your wedding guest book is a great way to look back and reminisce on your special day and with whom you shared it with! Traditionally, there is a book at the welcome table where guests are able to sign their names and perhaps write a sweet congratulatory note. But what happens to most of these books? They are stored away with other wedding keep sakes and often forgotten about on a bookshelf. Why not have a unique spin on this wedding tradition to make it fun for guests and more memorable for the bride and groom! And if you can customize the guest book to match your unique personalities, even better! Whether you are marathon movie watchers, outdoor adventure seekers or puzzle lovers, there is a unique guest book idea for each couple.

Below are 10 unique guest book ideas that everyone is sure to enjoy!

1. Polaroid camera station

Place a blank scrap book with a polaroid camera, tape and colorful pens at the welcome table. Go the extra mile and have fun props available for the guests to utilize in their photos.

2. Jenga blocks

Have guests write their favorite memory, inside joke or well wishes on Jenga pieces and have fun for years to come!

3. Message in a bottle

Have guests write a sweet message on a small piece of paper to put inside a glass bottle. Open the bottle on your first anniversary!

4. Personalized Etsy printout

Etsy is my favorite shop for everything wedding! Have a poster personally designed and framed with your names, wedding date, location, etc.

(Here is the guest book from my wedding!)

5. World Globe

Fans of world travel? Have guests star on a globe places to add to your bucket list to travel to and sign their name! Go to your globe in the future when you need vacation ideas!

6. Musical instrument

Is the bride or groom a musician? Maybe you met on open mic night? Have your guests sign a guitar or saxophone!

7. Game board

Do you spend every Friday night playing monopoly? Have your guests sign your favorite board game!

8. Holiday décor

Having a December wedding? Decorate your Christmas tree with guest signed ornaments!

9. Date night inspiration

Need ideas for unique date nights? Skip out on the traditional dinner and movie date night and have your guests write down fun date night ideas. On a Saturday night, pull out one idea and go for it no matter what! You will be surprised how much fun you have!

10. Thumbprint board

Have guests stamp their thumb print on some kind of design such as tree leaves, peacock feathers or balloons! Match the ink to your home décor and hang on a wall!


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