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We have all seen them before: the bachelorette party wearing all black apart from the bride in a tight, white dress stumbling down the streets barhopping. (This was me and my bridal squad just last year!) You're unlikely to walk past these gals without seeing them smiling ear to ear or hearing them laughing uncontrollably. However, this bachelorette party style does not fit every bride, and that's okay! The only way you are sure to enjoy yourself is if the party reflects your personal style.

Below are 5 alternate bachelorette party ideas that you will remember for a lifetime!

1. The Bridesmaids Tour (a local favorite!)

A fun walking tour downtown Charleston that is filled with romantic history and wine!

2. A spa day

This one is key if your bach party is closer to the wedding. Grab your besties and head to a spa where you will be pampered and can put thoughts of centerpieces, cupcake flavors and music playlists away for a day!

3. Attend a painting workshop

Sign up for a sip-and-paint class and let your creative side loose! (hint: Don't forget the bubbly!)

-Want to add a little more giggles to the night or need an ice-breaker? Draw a nude male model. Check out

Get a little outdoorsy with your gals and go glamping: camping in style! The options are endless: tents, teepees, treehouses and more!

5. Have an old-fashioned sleepover

This is great for all you budget brides! Get matching pajama sets, rent romantic classics like The Notebook or Sleepless in Seattle, and order Chinese takeout! Host at a girlfriend's place or splurge on a hotel. Make sure to incorporate some laugh-enticing games!


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