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Most of us need more than our two hands to count how many weddings we have been to by the time it's our turn to say our vows at the altar. When it comes to planning our own wedding, we have a desire to make theirs stand out from the rest. Many couples today are breaking from classic wedding traditions in order to achieve this goal. When breaking down a wedding budget, it is necessary to decide what is most important to the bride and groom on their big day, whether that be having an outdoor ceremony, plated dinner vs buffet or a Saturday wedding. However, there are a few key-items that should always be considered a top priority, no matter the budget.

Below are my top 3 splurge-worthy wedding necessities!

1. Photography

I'm sure you can imagine why this one is important! Your wedding photographs will forever be your keepsakes. Sometimes it seems like an easy budget-saver by asking your friend or cousin who has a nice camera to take your wedding pictures for you, but more often than not, this ends in disaster! Photos are lost, editing is poor or those precious shots of your soon-to-be hubby tearing up as you walk down the aisle were never taken in the first place. Believe me when I say hiring a professional photographer with experience that closely fits your personal style is a GREAT investment.

2. Entertainment

Nothing kills the vibe at a wedding more than poor entertainment! Five years from now your guests probably won't remember the flavor of cake they ate when they were still stuffed from dinner, but they will remember the good laughs they most likely shared on the dance floor. The importance of hiring a professional here is just as crucial. While it is possible to download your favorite songs to an I-pod and play continuously on your portable speaker, having a professional DJ or band playing your music while interacting with the crowd is more likely to get the crowd off their feet!

3. Wedding Coordinator

You knew I was going to throw this one in there didn't you? Not every bride and groom need help actually planning the wedding; many are happy and more than capable to contact and hire vendors, design centerpieces and so on. However, I have yet to meet a single couple that were able to enjoy their wedding day and interact with guests while also doing all the behind-the-scene work such as refilling ice buckets for the bartenders cause their line is out the door, queuing the ceremony music or having a wet towel on hand when the groom smashes cake all over the bride's perfectly made-up face. Again, the importance of hiring a professional here: wedding planners understand timelines well, know how to work closely with the other vendors on site and know how to blend in the background. They are also great at wrangling! You would be surprised at how much time is spent finding a lost groomsman, rounding up all the cousins for photos or locating maid-of-honor for speech time!

Combine all 3 of these necessary, professional wedding vendors and you are sure to have a memorable event!


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