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Much like the bride and groom, for a wedding planner or coordinator the wedding day is everything. It is the accumulation of dozens of hours of emails, meetings, organizing and so much more! So much attention is given to ensuring everything goes as planned, but we are armed and ready in case it doesn't (thanks to my awesome emergency kit). Since no one would deny that I am a creature of habit, the wedding day typically goes as follows...

1) Start the day with a large cup of coffee and hearty breakfast. Its going to be a long day on my feet, so it's essential I start off with caffeine and calories.

2) Text the bride. I know that the wedding nerves kick in as soon as that alarm clock goes off. I like to send my bride a 'good morning' text to remind her I am available should she need me and to enjoy the day :)

3) Triple check emergency kit. My emergency kit is as essential on wedding day as my right arm. It is stocked with more than 75 items and has saved the day more than once.

4) Bring change of clothes and shoes. I do not know if there is a pair of shoes that exists that is comfortable enough to wear on your feet for 12+ hours a day in different terrains. If it does exist, I am still searching.

5) Arrive when venue opens. This one might not be necessary, but to me its crucial to arrive early to ensure I have enough time to clean, decorate and assist wherever I am needed.

6) Bring bride and groom first drink after announced Mr. and Mrs. We have been working closely for the last few months, I love being the first to congratulate and offering your favorite drink. Being in Charleston too, more than likely it was hot standing at the altar!


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