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Creating a wedding website is the perfect way to give information and important details about your wedding to a large audience. It's nearly impossible to put everything on a save-the-date card or invitation, and who wants those pretty little items to be cluttered anyhow? A wedding website can be used to talk about the following key bits of information:

1) Wedding Details such as the date, time and location. Yes these items are typically on the invitation, but you can also include directions or even an interactive map to make it easier for out-of-town guests.

2) Hotel Block Information. Most hotels allow for you to reserve a certain number of rooms for your guests, and offer a discounted rate! This is extremely valuable for those out-of-towners that don't know their way around town and might not know which hotels are most convenient for traveling or closest to the venue.

3) Simplify RSVP! Many websites now offer an RSVP feature where guests can select if they are going to be celebrating with you, meal choices, song selections and more! This is a great way to cut costs on the extra paper and postage, and eco-friendly too!

4) About Us Page. Perhaps your second-cousin that you haven't seen in 5 years hasn't had the luxury of meeting your fiancé; therefore, knows hardly anything about the lucky fellow. Having an About Us page is a fun way to share unique things about the bride and groom and you can even include how you met! Who doesn't enjoy a good love story?

5) Extra To-Dos. Perhaps some guests are arriving a day or two early and need to be entertained, but you're busy with last-minute wedding details. Go the extra mile and add a page to your wedding website with fun activities or note-worthy sight seeing locations around town. You can even throw in places that are special to you and your soon-to-be groom, such as where you met or your favorite date-night location.

Check out these user-friendly websites to possibly host your unique wedding website!

  • the Knot

  • Square Space



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