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At Everything After The Ring, we totally get it that your wedding is your day. And that’s exactly how we want it, too! However, in the midst of planning, it is important to remember to incorporate ways to make your guests feel comfortable at your wedding. Below are a few simple but special touches that will help guests feel comfortable on your wedding day: -Seating Arrangement: One of the most important aspects of guest comfort is the seating. Your friends and family deserve a comfortable place to spend the evening. In the midst of all of the dancing and mingling, your guests will likely return back to their seat to rest and eat between songs. This means that you should ensure you have enough seats for your selected number of guests. The top secret about chairs is to choose the right amount of chairs. You want to make sure you have enough for your ceremony and your reception. And by making sure you have enough we mean double the number of chairs you would need. For example, you should not only order one set of chairs for ceremony and reception. This leaves your guests and bridal party rearranging chairs, while they should be enjoying cocktail hour. We believe it is important to provide enough seats for all guests, so everyone can feel they have space and able to enjoy your day. -Block out hotel space for out-of-town guests: Many weddings include a large number of guests that have traveled, so as your planner we like to suggest blocking rooms in 2 to 3 different hotels. You can choose hotels close to your ceremony site for minimal transportation time, hotels close to historic sites for sight-seeing or hotels near the best restaurants. This helps your guests with minimal worry as to where to stay. Put this information on your wedding website for easy access too! -Food and drinks: Okay, who doesn’t love food? This is one of the biggest elements of a wedding, but creating the right menu can be challenging for some people. You may have people at your wedding with dieting restrictions like vegetarian or vegan or suffer from serious food allergies. To accommodate everyone it is best to create a menu with various options.

-Ceremony Extras: Lets be honest, Charleston has a few warms days up its sleeve! The bar doesn’t open until cocktail hour, so it’s a nice gesture to have refreshing beverages available for guests who are awaiting the bride’s arrival. Something as simple as a galvanized tub of water bottles will do! Handheld fans are helpful as well to help cool guests off.

There are endless small touches you can provide your guests throughout your wedding day to improve their overall experience. These are just a few. No matter how small the special touch, putting in the extra effort to ensure your guests are comfortable throughout your special day will

be sure to pay off!


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